17, May 2016

Why this could be the ideal time for you to study homeopathy

CHE has trained hundreds of homeopaths since 1998, and we have seen students come to us in many different stages of their lives. We have seen that a choice to study a course, and especially a course in homeopathy, usually precipitates very big changes in a person’s life.

Are you thinking about studying homeopathy?

Have you come to a crossroads in your life, and you’re thinking about making a commitment like a new course of study?

  • Are you looking to change your career?
  • Are you looking to advance your career?
  • Are you returning to work? (eg. After maternity, during retirement, after illness)
  • Do you have leisure time you’d like to fill?

You could be in a career which you have long felt to be unfulfilling, so now you’d like a professional qualification to give help you get out of the old rut. Maybe you’re a mother who has spent years looking after her family and devoting very little time to herself, and the choice to study is a choice towards spending more time on her own interests.

We have seen new parents join our courses because they have felt that they would like to know what other options they might have for treating their children. Return to work after taking time out to look after children can also be a time of soul-searching, when parents question whether they want to go back to their old jobs.

We are also seeing more younger people making the bold choice to study homeopathy. People who may be retired, or whose children have left home and they now have lots of time on their hands and want to use their days in a worthwhile and interesting way.

So we can see that these decisions come at pivotal points in people’s lives. In addition, studying homeopathy opens students up to a completely different way of viewing health and healthcare, so they find their lives are forever changed – for the better.

If you are in one of these situations, you may have the following questions:

Can fit in your homeopathy studies around your existing work?

At CHE we have a number of options which would suit your lifestyle. We have full-time and part-time licentiate course options, which can be completed in 2 to 4 years, depending on which option you choose. With a licentiate qualification you will be able to practice as a qualified homeopath.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full qualification, you could consider a beginners’ course, or a one-year foundation course instead.

Can you manage the workload or the academic aspects of the course?  

We have seen people at all levels joining our courses and passing. We have students who are fresh out of school, people who have never studied, or haven’t studied for years, pensioners, nurses, doctors and other highly qualified professionals in training. We have a very mixed group of students from all walks of life, which adds to the vibrancy of the course.

Make no mistake, this course can be challenging and you will have to put in the hours required to complete assessments and pass exams – this ensures that we deliver the best standard in training. But you are not alone – at CHE we offer personalised pastoral and academic support throughout the course, so you will have assistance if you require it.

Can you make a living from homeopathy?

Worldwide, over 200 million people use homeopathy on a regular basis. One hundred million EU citizens use homeopathic medicines as part of their healthcare, and it is practiced in 40 of 42 countries. Six million people in the UK use homeopathy, and the market is growing at around 20% per year. So the demand for alternatives is there.

The other exciting thing is that homeopaths get to set up their own businesses and be their own boss. This means that some business and marketing acumen is required, and this is also fully covered in CHE courses. In some cases qualified homeopaths are employed to work in homeopathic pharmacies or health centres, but generally homeopaths set up their own practices. For this reason it is quite difficult to say what salary a homeopath earns, as it’s very much up to the individual, and may take a little time to get started initially, as with the beginning of every business.

At CHE all our lecturers are established and successful homeopaths, so students have access to much knowledge and support on how to get started. Hilery Dorrian features in one of our study videos below, where she tells us more about her practice.

3 Case Study Videos – Homeopathy as a career




What support is available to help make my decision?

CHE offer a lot of support and guidance in this area. During term time, you could join a college open day, where you attend the college on a typical day, and get to attend lectures, meet students, lecturers, and get to ask questions of the principal.

If you’re not yet sure about committing to full practitioner training, you could attend a beginners’ course, or a one-year foundation course. We have many students who start with these, and then find it easier to make a decision about a longer commitment.

What other information should I consider?

Before you decide, it is important to be aware of the course dates, so that you are sure you can attend them all, and you need to be clear on the course fees and additional costs such as textbooks. Factor in your work and family commitments, as well as transport time and costs.

A commitment to growth

Many of our students say that studying homeopathy is one of the best decisions they have ever made! It’s not only a commitment to a valuable qualification; it is a route to opening your mind to a whole new way of thinking about your health, as well as an excellent way to help people – while becoming your own boss at the same time.

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