CHE deferral of assessment policy and procedure

Section 1: deferral of assessment policy

CHE accepts that from time to time students will encounter exceptional circumstances that prevent them from submitting work or being assessed according to the published Assessment Calendars. This policy aims to ensure CHE strikes a fair balance between supporting a student’s individual circumstances and ensuring the fair treatment of the wider student body.

Students must advise the Administrator of their course of the circumstances surrounding the request for deferral and provide, where appropriate, a medical certificate or other supporting evidence from a healthcare professional.

Extenuating circumstances

Where a student feels he or she has a genuine case that something beyond his or her control is affecting his or her ability to meet course deadlines and expectations, the following principles shall apply.

Extenuating circumstances will consist of the recording of one or more personal difficulties, such as ill health, submitted by a student and supported by acceptable evidence and will be considered and may be taken into account by the Assessment Board in determining the classification of degrees and the progression of students. Extenuating circumstances will not normally include:

  1. Proximity or number of examinations or other assessments
  2. Pressure of work
  3. Misreading of examination timetables
  4. Poor time management
  5. Scheduling of holidays or time abroad

Things to bear in mind:

CHE will not accept a students’ request to defer an assessment for reasons other than those that are beyond a student’s reasonable control.

CHE will not ordinarily accept students’ requests to defer an assessment due to a last minute or short notice employment opportunity. CHE management reserves the right of discretion in these instances.

Requests should be made in writing no less than 24 hours prior to assessment, wherever possible and no later than two weeks after the assessment submission date according to the Assessment calendar. Any request for deferral received after this deadline will not normally be granted except where exceptional circumstances have prevented the student from applying for deferral at the appropriate time, and it can be demonstrated to the CHE satisfaction why they were unable to meet the deferral deadline.

Where a request for Deferral of Assessment has been granted, the CHE office will acknowledge this by emailing student the approval of the deferral and stating clearly the re-submission date. No other documentation will follow. It is then student’s responsibility to comply with the specified re- submission date. Any failure to do so will incur a financial penalty of £75 and grade capped at a pass for Level 5 and 6 assessments.

Any missed assessment that is not granted “deferred” status will be marked upon the receipt but will incur a financial penalty of £75 (missing an exam will incur a penalty of £75) and academic penalty as follows: Level 4 assessments will be awarded a standard grade without penalty and a fail if learning outcomes have not been met . Level 5 and 6 assessments will be awarded grade a pass grade regardless of the standard of work and a fail if learning outcomes have not been met. The standards re-assessment process applies (see Section 3 of this policy). Please see an example scenario in Note 1 of this document.

Section 2: deferral of assessment procedure

Where a student wishes to apply for a deferral of assessment, the following procedure will apply:

Stage 1

The student will write to the Administrator of their course using the Deferral Form with a full explanation of why they are unable to be assessed as scheduled. If the reason is confidential, enough detail must be given to enable a fair decision to be made by the college.

Stage 2

Administrator will respond in writing within 7 days and if the deferral is granted immediately and the Administration will arrange for an alternate date for the assessment.

Stage 3

If a meeting is required, the student will be asked to make their case presenting any supporting evidence, which the management of the College will consider. The student will be asked questions concerning their request to defer the assessment by Administrator and module leader who will have relevant information about the student’s academic results, attendance, and performance to date on the course.

Stage 4

The CHE office will reach a decision, which it will present to the student in writing within 5 days of the meeting. The student will be informed of his or her right to appeal against the decision, to what deadlines and on what grounds. Grounds for appeal will only be considered where:

  • the student can present new credible supporting evidence that was not available at the time of the initial request or
  • CHE representatives have not followed this procedure correctly

The student can request an appeal by writing directly to the Principal who is also the Chair of Assessment Board explaining how their appeal meets the above criteria.

Stage 5

The Chair will consider the grounds for appeal and will reply to the appeal letter in writing within 7 days either upholding the original decision of the CHE office or granting the Deferral of Assessment in light of new evidence or procedural irregularity. The decision of the Chair will be final.

Section 3: re-assessment procedure

Where a student is granted a deferral of assessment, the assessment must be taken at/or submitted by the time advised by the CHE Administrator. If the alternate date for assessment is subsequently missed or the student refuses reasonable attempts by the CHE office to establish an alternate date for assessment, the deferral agreement will be considered void and the procedures and any associated penalties for missed assessment will be followed according to CHE regulations.

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