Complaints procedure


This procedure seeks to ensure that complaints against the Centre for Homeopathic Education
(CHE) made by students are treated seriously and, if found to be valid, are acted upon to ensure that
the students’ interests are protected as far as it is possible for the CHE to do so. We are committed
to providing high quality services and we will endeavour to resolve any problems in our services as
quickly as possible.

The complaint procedure is split into informal and formal complaints. CHE hopes to be able to
resolve most complaints on an informal basis. You are strongly encouraged to pursue the informal
complaints procedure before invoking the formal complaint procedure.

Definition of a complaint

CHE treats a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not relating to
academic, clinical or administrative services from a user of or partner to CHE. Quality of service is
an important measure of the effectiveness of educational bodies Therefore we believe that learning
from complaints is a powerful way of helping to develop the College and increase trust among the
people who use our services. We will review complaints received each year and use the information
from this review to enhance our provision.

This policy covers complaints about:

  • The standard of service CHE provides
  • The behaviour of CHE staff, and
  • Any action or lack of action by CHE

The complaints policy does not cover:

  • Complaints of a minor nature, which should be dealt with within the office
  • Comments and/or dissatisfaction about our policies or policy decisions
  • Matters that have already been fully investigated through this complaints procedure
  • Anonymous complaints, although we may investigate
  • Abusive complaints containing offensive language, which we will not progress or take seriously

How to make a complaint

In person; including by telephone, by email or by writing a letter: complaint letter template
CHE has a two-stage complaints procedure. At each stage it will help to resolve your complaint
quickly if you can give us as much clear detail as possible, including any documents and
correspondence and stating that you are making a complaint in line with our procedure.

The stages of the complaints procedure – all complaints will be received centrally to ensure that our
investigation complies with the standards we have set and so that we can undertake monitoring of
the type and frequency of complaints we receive, and use the monitoring information to enhance our

Stage 1

All issues that have the potential to become complaints, and those that are presented, as complaints
to staff within CHE must be logged by the Administrator on the complaints Stage one log. This is the
first opportunity for us to resolve your dissatisfaction, and the majority of complaints will be dealt with
at this stage. In the first instance, we will endeavour to resolve your complaint by the Module Leader
of the area against whom the complaint has been made.

Maximum time period 20 working days. Acknowledgement within 5 working days. Full response
within 20 working days.

Stage 2

If you are dissatisfied with this response you may request a review by the Principal. If the complaint
concerns the Principal then it will be reviewed by the Society of Homeopaths. To start Stage Two we
require a written request from you to the CHE administration within five working days of you
receiving your Stage One response.

Maximum time period 20 working days. Acknowledgement within 5 working days. Full response
within 20 working days.

Extending time limits

We aim to complete all complaints within the timescales above; however, if a complaint is very
complex it may occasionally be necessary to extend the time limit. If this is the case we will keep the
complainant informed of progress with the investigation, the reasons for the delay, and inform them
of the new deadline.

If having followed the two stages of our complaints procedure you still remain dissatisfied, you can
ask to have your complaint reviewed externally by The Society of Homeopaths. Please review their
complaints procedure.

Following any stage of the procedure, a complainant has a maximum of five days from the date of
the final response to request that their complaint be progressed to the next stage.

Our standards for handling complaints

We treat all complaints seriously provided that they are not made abusively or offensively and
comply with the guidance above. You will be treated with courtesy and fairness at all times. We
would hope, too, that you will be courteous and fair in your dealings with us at all times.
We will treat your complaint in confidence within the CHE and we will deal with your complaint

We will acknowledge receipt of a written complaint (online or otherwise) within five working days and
we will send you a full reply within 20 working days of receipt. If we cannot send a full reply within 20
working days of receipt we will tell you the reason why and let you know when we will be able to
reply in full. We will always try to better these target timescales.

Recording complaints

We will log all complaints we receive so that we can monitor the types of problems, the best way to
sort them out and how long we are taking to deal with them. This also helps us to take a closer look
at how we can improve our own service delivery.

We will handle your information in line with data protection legislation.

Contacting us

All complaints and requests for review under our complaints procedures should be sent to one of the
following addresses:

The Centre for Homeopathic Education
12 Bloomsbury Square

[email protected]

If you are not satisfied after pursuing CHE’s complaints procedure you can also contact:
The Society of Homeopaths

11 Brookfield
Duncan Close
Moulton Park

Tel 01604 817890
Fax 01604 648848

[email protected]

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