5, Nov 2016

Radiant wellbeing for women

Recently we offered a webinar course with a very popular homeopath, teacher and enthusiastic expert on women’s health and wellness, Dr Taryn Jacobs, where Taryn discussed her 5 Keys to Radiant Wellbeing for Women. It was aimed at women of all ages who would like to improve and enhance their own wellbeing, as well as alternative or conventional healthcare professionals who work with women.

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Take the first step 

In Taryn’s words: “This is your personal invitation to become your most radiant self. We all have within us everything we need to be well and happy and this presentation will introduce to you the keys that will unlock the doors to that truth. Some of the principles and practices that you will learn about are so simple that in your quest for health and happiness you may have overlooked them or underrated their life changing effects; while others may be completely new information to you. Either way, well-being takes commitment and a courageous first step. 

It is possible that joining me for this talk could be your first step on a brand new road …. one that could deepen your relationship with your Self, open the doors to complete self-acceptance and nourishment, align your life with your naturally intelligent cycles and rhythms and enable you to relax finally into who you really are – feminine, whole and glorious!”

“The time is now. The time to get up, lick your wounds; to walk together, bravely, imperfect and real; the time to live, I mean really live, in feminine bliss. This is your time to shine!”

About Taryn 

Dr Taryn Jacobs is a women’s wellbeing advocate who has worked as a homeopathic practitioner, teacher, and workshop facilitator for the past 14 years in both the United Kingdom and her homeland, South Africa. She is committed to the lost art of extracting all of the joy, beauty, strength and wisdom that womanhood can deliver us to. Fusing ancient practices and modern science, Taryn hopes to carve a new way for women to experience their radiance and innate wellbeing.

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