30, Oct 2015

Did you find homeopathy, or did homeopathy find you?

It’s a new academic year here at CHE, and we’ve been speaking to our new students and finding out what brought them to homeopathy in the first place. I always think this is a fascinating topic because it so clearly highlights many of the benefits we can get from having homeopathy in our lives.

Many have the feeling that homeopathy found them, rather than the other way round. One interpretation of this is that once someone experiences homeopathy directly, or hears about some of the basic concepts, it confirms a deep knowing they’ve always had.

On a deep level, some may have realised that disease is a symptom of imbalance rather than the cause of imbalance. This means that to truly treat disease you have to treat the cause of disease – that underlying imbalance – which is what homeopathy does. So many of the treatments we seek these days treat only the symptoms and seldom touch the cause.


We have heard many stories about how homeopathy came into people’s lives. Here are a few examples which draw out some of the key themes:


A lady in her early thirties broke out in unsightly itchy hives on her face, which after months of treatment with antibiotics and cortisone only appeared to be spreading and getting worse. She eventually goes to a homeopath, not even knowing exactly what homeopathy is, in the hope of getting relief from this condition. She receives a remedy which clears the rash within days, and she feel much better in general. She ends up seeing the homeopath monthly for over a year, working on her overall health and wellbeing.


A lady finds homeopathy while she is on holiday and is stung by a bee. She has had very bad reactions to bee stings in the past, and panics after she is stung. A friend reaches for her homeopathy first aid kit and gives her a remedy often used for bites and stings, and the sting stops hurting soon after, the only a small mark is left on the skin. Another first aid story is when someone cuts themselves accidently. The cut is quite deep and starts to bleed profusely. A friend who is visiting gives them a remedy for injuries like this, and the wound stops bleeding shortly after, and heals up relatively quickly, without infection.


A seven year old girl experiences blinding headaches on a weekly basis. The mother is concerned about giving painkillers on such a regular basis, and senses that this is treating the symptoms rather than the cause. So she takes her daughter to a homeopath. The homeopath prescribes remedies to be taken daily, to treat the child constitutionally, as well as remedies to be taken if or when the headaches occur. The headaches become milder and eventually disappear completely. The child hardly ever has headaches anymore.


A cancer patient is experiencing the debilitating side-effects of chemotherapy. One day he sees an account of how homeopathic treatment helped ease these side-effects, and he decides to give it a try. Despite being sceptical, he feels he has nothing to lose. He visits a homeopath who prescribes remedies for the side-effects, as well as constitutional treatment for his general wellbeing. He quickly finds that his energy increases, sleep is better, and side-effects are diminished. He notices that he is coping with the side-effects much better than most of the other patients he is with.


A stressed business woman never feels quite right. She doesn’t have diagnosed condition as such, but she doesn’t feel good. Her energy levels are low, she doesn’t sleep well, she has phantom aches and pains, and notices that her menstrual cycles are changing. Her doctor cannot find anything wrong, but she knows that things are not as they should be. She goes to a homeopath knowing little about homeopathy. She homeopath takes a detailed case, including her whole medical history, as well as of the family, and gives her a prescription. The first thing the woman notices is that her sleep improves. Soon her mood and overall wellbeing improves, and she continues her homeopathic treatment for months afterward.


A man is diagnosed with IBS. The symptoms are very erratic, and he finds allopathic treatment completely ineffective. Homeopathic treatment soon evens out his symptoms, and over a few months the symptoms subside completely. Soon the homeopath notices that the IBS symptoms are linked with stress, and is now often working with the patient on their reactions to stress. It appears that when the stress is in check, the IBS is in check.

All of these stories resulted in relief from the symptoms, as well as general improvements in wellbeing and vitality. Many people note that often the first thing that improves is the quality of their sleep, and then they notice higher levels of energy. Soon the symptoms become milder, and then disappear completely.


These examples are also about the perception many people have of the definition of health. Many see health as an absence of disease, when in fact health is the presence of energy, vitality and wellbeing. The aim of homeopathic treatment is overall wellbeing – a holistic view – rather than only focusing on the eradication of disease. However the result of homeopathic treatment is often that the disease disappears once energy and vitality increases.

A homeopath will work with whatever symptoms a patient presents with, as well as specifics around a person’s constitution, lifestyle and background. Treatment will always be completely personalised, as there are a number of ways homeopathy can help.

Many people find that once they have experienced the healing effects of homeopathic treatment, their view of health is changed. Some continue with homeopathic treatment throughout their lives, some even go on to study further to become homeopaths. As they say, once you know, you know…

We wish our new students all the best for the new academic year!

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