6, Oct 2015

Clarity – our ‘passion to profit’ webinar with Jamie Smart

We often hear that homeopaths are struggling to set up their practices, or to make a good living from homeopathy. So we recently welcomed the opportunity to hold a live webinar with Jamie Smart, number one bestselling author, about how homeopaths can turn their passion for homeopathy into a profitable practice.

Marcus Fernandez, homeopath and CHE principal, is passionate about getting homeopaths into successful practice, and was delighted to host this Q&A style webinar with Jamie, and make this information directly relevant to homeopaths.

Jamie Smart is the author of the books CLARITY: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results and The Little Book of Clarity. Over the past 12 years, he has supported tens of thousands of coaches, therapists and change-workers in undergoing their own personal transformations, with many of them going on to make a great living doing change work with others.

Jamie made some very useful and practical points on this webinar, which all hinged on the basis of 3 transformations which every successful person needs to go through to be successful and to make their business both successful and sustainable.

Grounding is the first transformation. Jamie highlighted the importance of being comfortable in your own skin, and comfortable in reality. Sadly many do not reach happiness or success, through very simple misunderstandings about the nature of life. He likened this to a tall and strong tree having very deep roots. In the same way we need to be rooted in reality and physicality.

Impact is the second transformation. Once we have our grounding, we will be able to make a strong impact on our environment, and on other people. This is when we can be sure we will make a positive impact on our patients or clients in a sustainable way.

The third transformation is livelihood. At this point it will be more possible to transfer to relying on ourselves completely, and to self-employment. This relies on a confident way of doing and being in the world, and it takes courage. This courage is more accessible once the grounding has been done.

One of the biggest lessons was the point that we often misunderstand that our feelings come from our own thoughts. We can easily become unstuck when we believe that our feelings come from anywhere other than our own thoughts.

Jamie went on to tell us about some of the major psychological stumbling blocks which can get in our way. They included being needy, being fearful of criticism or the unknown, and becoming seduced by solutions which seem too quick and easy (silver bullet syndrome). These were discussed in detail and again highlighted the need for remaining grounded, and for recognising the role of our own thoughts in creating these feelings.

He acknowledged that turning your passion into a profitable business will require your own healing on many levels, including your relationship with money, and your expectations of how you may be received. He pointed out that when you make a move to start doing what you love – expect criticism!

We talked about some very encouraging research by the Institute for the Future which stated that in 10 years’ time, the vast majority of jobs will be outsourced to artificial intelligence. The one area where this was not likely to happen was in transformation or healing work which is done one-to-one with another human being, i.e. homeopathy.

To close, and as a final encouragement, Jamie urged homeopaths to have faith in the inspiration which sustained them in years of homeopathic training, and rely on this inspiration to build their homeopathic businesses.


Great news! Jamie Smart will be doing another free webinar on homeopathic practice-building in November! Let us know your burning questions and biggest challenges so we can address these. Comment via Twitter or Facebook, or email us


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