30, Jun 2015

A journey into the heart of homeopathy

We’ve had a wonderful weekend soaking up Robin Murphy’s homeopathic wisdom. Robin has a knowledge which spans the homeopathic materia medica, herbs and naturopathic medicine, and includes the system of QiGong as a way to physically interact with the vital force.

The weekend started with Robin telling us about the only thing that guides his studies in homeopathy: The Vital Force. He asserts that the job of the homeopath is to be the unprejudiced observer of the vital force, and to accurately perceive obstacles to cure.

After an explanation of his view of the hierarchy of symptoms, he urged homeopaths to consider combining homeopathy with other tools they have at their disposal, such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Feng Shui, and the new information being continually discovered by modern science. This included some fun and interactive QiGong demonstrations in Regent’s Park.

“To perceive the vital force we should look more deeply in to the heart as the central organ of the vital force and of life”.

Heart and brain coherence was covered in some detail – Robin drew on research from organisations such as the Heart Math Institute to demonstrate that developing an awareness of heart coherence is the best way to improve quality of life. When the heart and brain function as one, there will be an increase in vitality, mental clarity, decision making ability, and a prevention of stress.

Among other topics, we covered the Electron Flow Theory of Life, exploring the human vital force to be an electrical rather than chemical force which needs to be maintained. This highlighted the importance of regularly grounding the system.

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