2, Apr 2015

Margo Marrone from the organic pharmacy visits CHE

Margo Marrone is the successful founder and owner of The Organic Pharmacy. She is a trained pharmacist and a homeopath, having trained at the College of Homeopathy. Margo recently visited CHE on a teaching weekend to speak to students about her company, and about possible opportunities for graduates. Margo told us she was really pleased to meet again with some of her old teachers who inspired her on her journey.

“As a pharmacist I specialised in herbal medicine, but homeopathy changed my life”

Margo’s passion for homeopathy, natural products and organics is inspiring. She trained as a pharmacist before eventually training as a homeopath, after which The Organic Pharmacy was born.

The Organic Pharmacy range is based on homeopathic and herbal medicine, with the principles that the quality of the ingredients, purity of formulation and dosage is paramount. She places a high value on the science which goes behind all their formulations, and says this is what gets great results for glowing skin.

She spoke about her experience, the work of The Organic Pharmacy and mentioned that many of her employees are CHE graduates. She knows that CHE offers excellent homeopathic training in the UK and beyond, and feels that level of expertise is absolutely what is needed in her prestigious London and international branches. She said that she hoped she would be employing more of our students in the future – a great opportunity for a few lucky students.

We’re delighted Margo was able to take time out of her busy schedule to visit us, and we hope students are inspired by her story, and the opportunities presented. You can read all about Margo and The Organic Pharmacy here. In addition there are some factsheets on the website which students could find very useful!

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