How To Apply

See below how to apply for one of our courses.

If you feel ready to apply for the foundation course or either of our practitioner courses, follow the steps below to begin your application process. For all other courses you can sign up via the relevant course page.

  1. Choose A Course You’re going to be studying at a high level for a minimum of a year, so make sure you choose the course that is right for you, one that you will really enjoy studying! Check that you meet the entrance requirements of the course you want to study. Entry requirements can be found on each course page.
  1. Get In Touch Once you’ve chosen your course get in touch with us to request your application form. You can either email us at [email protected] or fill in the contact form by following this link. Let us know which course you are interested in, a little about yourself and your contact details so we can get back in touch with you.
  2. We’ll Send You Your Application Once you’ve chatted to us about your course choice we’ll send you an application form for you to return to us. All applications are assessed on the following criteria: Academic achievement: – whether applicants meet the entry requirements. Personal statements: – whether applicants demonstrate the necessary skills, motivation and interest for the subject.You can find details of your course requirements on the course page. If your application is successful you will be then be invited in for an interview with one of our senior members of staff.
  3. Interview Your interview will be conducted in person with a senior member of staff, in most cases the Principal, who will assess you on your non-academic skills such as: communication, self-awareness and confidence. Before attending the interview you may find it useful to identify areas of your life where you have taken responsibility, been involved in decision making or helped in problem solving.

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