10, Jul 2020

CHE Online Courses Now ACHENA Approved


CHE Online Courses Now ACHENA Approved


We have exciting news!

We’re delighted to announce that a whole host of our homeopathic CPD courses have now been approved by ACHENA (The Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America).

This is fantastic for our community as it means that anyone who completes these courses will be able to receive an ACHENA certificate in the future. So, not only will you enhance your skills through our courses, but you’ll get recognition for your hard work too.

As professional homeopaths we all know how important it is to keep our knowledge up-to-date, even when we’ve been practising for a long time. At CHE Online, we know that homeopaths, as a community, are dedicated to continuous learning in order to enhance their practice and serve their patients, but we also think it’s nice for you to be rewarded for doing that.

A full list of the courses that are ACHENA approved can be found at the end of this blog. All of these courses are available to purchase individually on CHE Online, or alternatively you can subscribe to CHE Pro and access them all for one low monthly or annual subscription fee. Find out more here:


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