The Orion Course

Postgraduate training

Date: January 2019

Venue: Bloomsbury Square, London

The Orion Course 2019


We are delighted that The Centre for Homeopathic Education, London and the Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Bristol are collaborating to run The Orion Course for postgraduates in London in 2019.

The course is now in its 19th year and this 5 weekend course is designed for a qualified practitioners to refresh and expand their skills and understanding of the complex subject of homeopathy. Mike Bridger , Dion Tabrett and Marcus Fernandez have many years of experience in practice and teaching, which enables them to simplify complexities, dismiss the absurd and impart their knowledge in a lively and enjoyable way. Their love of the work is both infectious and inspiring, and not surprisingly the course moves from strength to strength every year.

Mike Bridgers’s unique contribution to homeopathic thinking is the system of ‘case mapping’. He has taught this subject for many years now and it will transform your practice making it more enjoyable and successful. While rigorously adhering to Hahnemannian and Kentian philosophy, Mike illustrates how treatment is a process rather than a single act and often requires more than one remedy. By looking at the initial case it is possible to predict the course of treatment that a patient undergoes and therefore be able to deal with critical situations with confidence and skill.

Dion Tabrett operates from a similar perspective but focuses more particularly on his love of Ellis Barker and Burnett. His love of small remedies and his enviable skill in clinical prescribing and use of the smaller remedies, makes him one of homeopathy’s best kept secrets.

Marcus Fernandez, will empower participants to recognise their own individuality and skills from the perspective of ‘The Three Principles’ which were uncovered by the late Sydney Banks.The Three Principles are an understanding of the mind that point towards an entirely different paradigm of human experience and evolution. Marcus will show how this understanding helps create a deeper connection with our patients and enhance our clinical practice.

Suffice to say there is an extraordinary chemistry between these three lecturers which will invigorate those who are feeling a little ‘stale’ or disillusioned in practice as well as those needing inspiration for starting out on the road to being a homeopath.

Where: The Centre for Homeopathic Education,12 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 

When: 2019 Jan 19/20;  Feb 16/17; Mar 16/17;  Apr 13/14; May 18/19 

 10.00am – 5.00pm

Cost: £995  Early bird rate £795 ends 30th November 2018 

(a monthly payment plan is available)

What You Will Learn

Introduction:  Review of course foundations

Introduction:  The Successful Practitioner

Review Case-taking & Case Analysis

Case Mapping 

Approaches to Prescribing 1: Hahnemann

Introduction to  Relationships of Remedies

Acute/ chronic: Phosphorus

The Insightful Practitioner 

Approaches to Prescribing 2: Barker

Burnett and Eizayaga

Organopathic Medicine. (Physical Examination)

The Practical Application of Miasms and Nosodes

Your own Cases

Cancer Treatment and cases

Mapping Syphilinum & related Remedies.

Septicaemia, Sepsis and remedies.

Nutrition, Psora and the Calcs.

Birth Kits and Obstetrics.

Building a successful Practice

Mapping Sycosis (Pulsatilla) 

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